Runway Translation #2

11 Oct

Leather Look Trousers | Red Berenice BraceletBaby Czarina Booties | Baroque Peplum | Lace Collar Top

It’s that time of the year for leather to show its hide, while lace continues her reign. Here’s a (meeker) interpretation of  neon lace + leather presented by Jason Wu at NYFW… which strikes the perfect balance of feminine with a sprinkle of studs on top.




Comfort Zone

8 Oct

Just the kind of reminder one needs on a Monday. Let’s make magic tomorrow :p

The Credit Crisis Visualized

7 Oct

There are people in the financial industry who may not know what the sub-prime was all about. Just saying (ahem).

So when I stumbled upon this video I thought, “this would be perfect for my financially illiterate friends (and myself) who wondered about the credit crisis like how we wonder about the color of the sky”. This video breaks it down in layman terms which you could somewhat imitate at get-togethers and parties. If it fails to educate, it’s still worthwhile marveling at the beautifully choreographed graphics.

Enjoy and may this piece of history never repeat itself!

Runway Translation #1

23 Sep


Diane Von Furstenberg / Spring 2013 at NYFW

Crackled Metal Clutch | Spearmint Luxe Tank | Dark Blue Maxi | Leather Kerry Belt

Blessed Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Valentine’s Day is not overrated… just commercialized. It’s a day for people who can’t say ‘I love you’ to say ‘I love you’. It’s a day for men who do not buy flowers to buy flowers. It’s a day for women who do not cook to find their inner domestic goddess. It’s a day for stores to create a marketing campaign to help achieve that KPI. V-day serves it purpose 🙂

So here I send out my love to you!

Best Ofs Are For The Fickle

1 Feb

There are tons of swoon-worthy wedding blogs/websites out there for reference & inspiration. In fact, I keep browsing these sites and building these dream weddings in my head… there are days when it’s a glamourous ballroom affair, on others it’s a rustic and quaint garden event. Sometimes I’m really feeling the black & white colour combo, sometimes I’m tempted by the excellent pairing of dove grey & pale yellow.

Choices are not always a good thing when you’re as fickle as I am.

That’s why I’m a big fan of Best Of’s. I came across Style Me Pretty’s compilation of Best Weddings of 2011. It’s a real treat!!

Best Of Magazine of 2011! | Style Me Pretty.

Mash Up

20 Jan

Have you ever had one of those longggg days where you felt like you just took a ride on an emotional roller coaster? And I do not mean mood swings during that time of the month. I mean to feel love and betrayal, acceptance and dissent, warmth and distance, at peace and angered, inspired and indifferent — all that within 12 waking hours! I am in awe of our emotional capacity and how quickly we can switch from one to the other.

Each day holds a lesson or two for us, so we learn and move on.

Then I thought how can this flurry of emotions dictate our fashion? I am thinking along the lines of a fuss-free outfit that will see you through your battle(s), and mixing tough with sweet details! Here you go…